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Successful seminars for Amit and Julie 

November & December 2019, Sherbrooke

Amit and Julie both successfully presented their seminar this Fall, 1st of PhD and last of MSc (for her accelerated track to PhD), respectively. They both did a great job !!!


Till & McCulloch Meeting 2019 

November 3rd-5th 2019, Montréal

Julie and Véro attended the TMM 2019 meeting held in Montréal this year. It was a great experience for both to learn more about stem cell research in Canada and network. Julie was awarded a travel award by the FRQS network ThéCell.


Chronic Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer 2019 

October 2nd-5th 2019, Orford 

The whole lab attended the "Chronic Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer Meeting" this year. It was a great experience for all. Grad students Julie & Amit, intern Maude and research assistant Dominique presented their exciting research.


New lab member 

September 3rd 2019, Sherbrooke 

Marjorie Rolland, COOP student in the program of Biochemistry (UdeS), is joining us for her last internship. Marjorie will be working on the contribution of DNA repair in the regenerative capacity of Krt15+ esophageal stem cells. She has been awarded a FMSS Scholarship for her internship.


Summer is over, time to go back to school for Maude and Eloïse 

August 15th 2019, Sherbrooke 

Maude's and Eloïse's internships are coming to an end, it's time for them to go back to school. Their happiness and hard work will be missed. Good news, Maude will be back in January to start her M.Sc. in the lab :)


Cancer Research Society Funding

August 12th 2019, Sherbrooke 

Our project entitled "Tumor-initiating capacity of Krt15+ stem cells in colon cancer" have been funded by CRS - Operating Grant program. We are thrilled to continue this exciting project lead by PhD student, Amit Dubey. Stay tuned !!



August 2nd 2019, Sherbrooke 


On July 30th, the lab celebrated its first anniversary. It has been a great year of new adventures, a lot of first times. It has been a blast to welcome new trainees in our team and I'm looking forward to many more years of exciting research and growing as a "family".


Travel Award to TMM2019 for Julie 

July 31st 2019, Sherbrooke 


Julie received a travel award from Réseau ThéCell for the Till & McCulloch Meeting in Montréal in November. Thanks for supporting Julie and her exciting research.

Eloïse crossed the Atlantic to join us for 2 months 

July 2nd 2019, Sherbrooke 


This week, we welcome Eloïse Kerignard for a 2-month internship over the summer. 

Eloïse is a M.Sc. student in Biological Research at Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (France) joining us for an internship. She will be working with Julie on the role of cancer stem cells in esophageal cancer treatment resistance.

Noémie wins the Best Poster Presentation Award

May 9th 2019, Sherbrooke 


New master students and interns were invited to present their work at the Annual Cell Biology Day of our department, so Julie and Noémie presented their exciting data.


Noémie was even awarded the Prize for the Best Poster Presentation. Congrats, you worked really hard during your internship and it is paying off !!

Symposium Inflammation & Pain - CRCHUS

May 8th 2019, Sherbrooke 


Amit presented his new exciting data on Krt15+ intestinal cells in colitis-associated cancer. Congrats, you did a good job !!!

One new addition in the Giroux Lab 

May 6th 2019, Sherbrooke 


This week, we welcome Maude Hamilton for a 4-month internship over the summer. 

Maude is a B.Sc. student in Biochemistry at UdeS joining us for her last internship of her COOP program. She will be working on the role of ASCL2 in the maintenance of esophageal stem cells. She was awarded a FMSS Scholarship for her internship in the lab.

Noémie's last day

April 18th 2019, Sherbrooke 

Noémie has obtained a tremendous amount of results over her internship. She has been a great asset for the lab and we will sincerely miss her "joie de vivre".

Good luck Noémie with all your projects !!! Talented as you are, we have no doubt that you will be successful !

Eloise Kerignard.PNG

NSERC Funding

April 16th 2019, Sherbrooke 

Our project entitled "Transcriptional regulation of the esophageal stem cell gene signature" have been funded by NSERC - Discovery program. We are thrilled to start this new exciting project in the lab. Stay tuned !!


Congratulations to Julie !!!

April 9th 2019, Sherbrooke

Julie has been awarded a M.Sc. scholarship from CRMUS that will support part of her salary for two years. Of course, we celebrated with some bubbles. Congrats Julie!

Annual Meeting of the AACR

March 29th - April 3rd 2019, Atlanta, USA

Véro was at the AACR again this year to keep updated with all the recent advances in cancer research. She was there with Pre Marie-Josée Boucher and her lab assistant, Benoît. Hopefully next year, she will be joined by students of the lab to present our work. AACR is always a great meeting !!!

Julie is named "Student of the Month"

April 1st 2019, Sherbrooke

Our own Julie and Billel Djerir (PhD student in the laboratory of Pr Alexandre Maréchal at the Faculty of Sciences) were named students of the month at the CRCHUS for their outstanding implication as organizers of the Cancer Research Symposium of the CRCHUS. Congrats to the both of you !!!


Cancer Research Symposium - CRCHUS

March 12th 2019, Sherbrooke

The whole lab attended the last cancer research symposium organized by the CRCHUS. Véro and Julie shared our current research projects. Julie was even awarded two prizes for the quality of her presentation by the scientific review panel and also the patients committee.

We are very proud of her success and we are looking forward to be represented by even more lab members at the next edition. 


Véro & Julie at the CDDW 2019

March 1st - 3rd 2019, Banff, Ab, Canada

Julie and Véro represented the Giroux Lab at the Canadian Digestive Disease Week 2019, which was hold in Banff this year. Julie gave a talk at the Research Topics in GI Diseases, a 2-day program for trainees held before the core program. Julie was awarded the 3rd place for the best oral presentation. We are so proud of her! What a great start ! Véro was invited to give a talk on the use of organoids and injury mouse models to study stem cell biology. It was really nice to exchange with other GI researchers across Canada

We are looking forward to the CDDW 2020 and hopefully we are even more to represent the Giroux Lab :)


Julie successfully presented her first M.Sc. seminar

February 1st 2019, Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

Congrats Julie! You did an amazing job presenting your research project for your first seminar as a MSc student in Cell Biology.

Looking forward to many more great talks from you !!! 

Two more additions to the lab: Amit and Noémie

January 2019, Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

We are happy to welcome to two newest members of the lab, Amit Dubey and Noémie Lemaire.

Amit, PhD student, is coming from India with a strong expertise in intestinal stem cells and microscopy. He will be working on Krt15+ cells in colon cancer.

Noémie is a coop student from the BSc program in Pharmacology at UdeS visiting us for a 4-month internship. She will be working with organoids and tissue sections to better understand the role of DNA repair in esophageal stem cells function.

Welcome to both of you.

Noemie Lemaire.JPG
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