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CDDW  2020 

February 28th - March 1st 2020, Montréal

The Giroux Lab was once again nicely represented at CDDW 2020. Julie was selected for a CAG Student and therefore, presented her research in the opening session. Amit's abstract was selected for a poster of distinction and Maude also had the pleasure to share her most recent work. Everyone did an amazing job and I am very proud of my team. See you all in Banff next year!!

Com Sci Con 2020 

February 14th 2020, Sherbrooke

Great news for the Giroux Lab on this Valentine's Day. Julie and Maude both got accepted for Com Sci Con 2020 - Canada and - Quebec, respectively. It will be a tremendous opportunity for both of them to continue developing their scientific communication skills. I am very proud of my two girls ! #WomeninSTEM

New lab members 

January 6th 2020, Sherbrooke

To celebrate the New Year, we are welcoming three new members in the Giroux Lab this semester.

Maude is coming back to start her MSc studies under a CRIODUS Scholarship. She will focus on the role of ASCL2 in the maintenance of stemness in the esophageal epithelium.

Kassandra, an undergrad student, is joining us two days a week for an internship. She will work with Julie on treatment resistance in esophageal cancer.

Finally but not least, Alexis, is joining us as a Research Scientist part-time. His expertise in organoid, intestinal homeostasis and MassSpec will be of great help for every lab members.

Welcome to the 3 of you !!

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