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Gastrointestinal Stem Cells

Tissue Regeneration & Cancer


We previously identified a new Keratin 15 (Krt15)+ esophageal stem cells (Giroux et al. 2017). These cells are necessary for normal tissue homeostasis, radio-resistant and contribute to epithelial regeneration following tissue injury.

Ongoing projects

1) Identify the biological pathways responsible for the distinct biological properties of Krt15+ 

esophageal stem cells;

2) Investigate the contribution of these cells to establishment of treatment resistance in cancer patients.


We recently described a Keratin 15 (Krt15)+ intestinal crypt cell population with self-renewal and multipoint properties (Giroux et al. 2018). Krt15+ intestinal cells are also radio-resistant and display regenerative and tumor initiating capacities.

Ongoing projects

1) Investigate the role of Krt15+ cells in intestinal inflammation;

2) Study further the tumor-initing capacities of these cells.

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